How to validate tickets

The traveller must always get on board through the front door of the vehicle. All travel documents (tickets, carnets or travel passes) must be validated every time the traveller gets on board – even when changing routes or transferring from one vehicle to another. 

Each and every validation is recorded in the electronic ticket or travel pass. 

All travel documents are checked by ticket inspectors through a specific portable data terminal which can verify any successful validation.


Wait for the green light  

The ticket or travel pass must be drawn near the reader on the front side of the ticket validation machine. If the travel document is recognised as valid, a green light on the ticket validation machine will turn on and a short beep will be heard. The ticket validation machine display will show the following words: ‘TITOLO VALIDO’ (‘Valid Travel Document’).  


What if the red light turns on?  

If the ticket or travel pass is not recognised as valid, a specific message on the display will show the reason why the travel document has been rejected, along with a red light and a longer beep. In that case, it is desirable either to promptly call upon the driver in order to travel lawfully, or contact one of the Company’s ticket offices in order to repair any malfunctions noticed when aboard.