The traveller must validate their ticket when getting on the bus. Passengers travelling either without a ticket or with a non-valid travel document are subject to a fine, as provided by Regional Laws no. 25/98 and 4/2001. 

Notification reports are administrative procedures governed by specific rules (General Law 689/81 and Regional Law 25/98): therefore, any claims shall be submitted to the competent authorities.


Payment methods  

A minimum penalty may be paid directly to the inspecting officer in full settlement at the moment of notification, without incurring any procedural costs.

The payment shall be made within 5 days from the date of the report:


At the MOM Ticket Offices located in:

Treviso in Piazzale Duca D’Aosta, 1

Castelfranco in Via Vittorio Veneto, 13, 

 Conegliano Piazza F.lli Zoppas 

Vittorio Veneto in Piazzale XXII Novembre; 


Or on postal account no. 16665317 with the following account name: ‘Mobilità di Marca S.p.A., Via Polveriera, 1 – 31100 Treviso’, quoting the reason for payment, the notification report number and your personal information. Any fines which fail to be paid within 5 days may be paid within 60 days from the date of service or notification of the violation report, to the extent provided for by the violation report itself and following the aforementioned procedure.


Forgotten travel pass and/or receipt  

Holders of a nominal travel pass who fail to show it to the inspecting officer, but have renewed their travel pass before the date of the inspection must exhibit both the travel pass and the relevant payment receipt within 10 days following the report or notification date. Any fines will be withdrawn by the ticket officer to whom the customer shall submit both the report and the payment receipt.

Offenders are required to pay any administrative fees where applicable. 

Please check which ticket offices you may show up at within 10 days following the report or notification date.  

City At Address Telephone                  
Castelfranco Veneto Caffè Roma Vittorio Veneto, 19 +39 0423 721820
Castelfranco Veneto Biglietteria Vittorio Veneto, 19 +39 0423 493464
Cittadella Biglietteria Riva Ospedale 27 +39 049 5970935
Conegliano Veneto Biglietteria Piazza F.lli Zoppas 66/a +39 0438 21011
Feltre Biglietteria Dolomiti Bus Viale Piave 9 +39 0439 2798
Istrana Bar Torino Piazzale Roma 76 +39 0422 832398
Montebelluna Biglietteria Autostazione Viale Della Stazione +39 0423 22045
Motta di Livenza Agenzia Flamingo Piazza San Rocco 2 +39 0422 860012
Noale Cartoleria Flora Piazza Castello 48 +39 041 440463
Oderzo Biglietteria Autostazione Via degli Alpini +39 0422 815069
Padova Biglietteria Autostazione Busitalia Via della Pace +39 049 8206834
Pieve di Soligo Tabaccheria Smoke Via General Vaccari 15 +39 0438 82111
Portogruaro Biglietteria Stazione FF SS Via Diaz 10 +39 0421 71223
Treviso Biglietteria Centrale MOM Piazzale Duca D'Aosta 1 +39 0422 588311
Valdobbiadene ACI Via Piva 56 +39 0423 972702
Vicenza Biglietteria Autostazione FTV Viale Milano 78 +39 0444 223107
Vittorio Veneto Biglietteria Autostazione Piazzale XXII Novembre +39 0438 53263